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Is It Possible To Unlock iPhone 4s – Unlocking Methods And Possibilities?

The latest pet in the iPhone family is the iPhone 4S which means many iPhone users are interested in how to unlock iPhone 4S devices. This looks very similar to iPhone 4, but the new iPhone 4S has a ramped up processor and many other hardware upgrades that can turn your iPhone into a super handheld machine. The main problem for any iPhone user is the strict restrictions posed by both Apple and carrier provider. Apple intended to provide iPhones at a much lower price with service provider contracts. However, after finding out that the venture is more successful, Apple and service providers are not interested in allowing iPhone users to make their own choice when it comes to service providers. The iOS 5 bb 4.10.01 jailbreak are all available, but iPhone 4S comes with a preloaded baseband which makes jailbreak very difficult.

Jailbreak Tools For iPhone 4S

The regular jailbreak tools like iOS 5 bb 4.10.01 jailbreak, pwnage tools 4.3.5 4.10.01 are popular because they can jailbreak iPhone without upgrading baseband. However, as iPhone 4S has a new and upgraded baseband, these jailbreak tools don’t make any sense because there is no unlock tool available for baseband greater than 4.10.01. Moreover, the A5 processor in iPhone 4S is much more advanced and it is the same processor used in iPad 2. All of you should know by this time that ideal iPad 2 jailbreak is not available and hence, is it possible to unlock iPhone 4S is still a question because unlock software can’t work if jailbreak doesn’t work.

How To Unlock The iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking It?

There is now an official way available if you want the answer to how to unlock the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it. Apple makes unlocked iPhone 4S available and you can purchase these unlocked iPhones without carrier contracts. However, there are still some perks in buying these unlocked phones. As far as features are concerned, unlocked iPhone 4S will have the same features as that of iPhone 4S. Unlocked iPhones won’t support CDMA carriers even though iPhone 4S supports both GSM and CDMA networks. You can use cut out GSM micro SIM cards from any local GSM provider to use unlocked iPhone 4S.

Unlock iPhone 4S/4 iOS 5 Jailbreak In Minutes

As of now, unlock iPhone 4S/4 iOS 5 jailbreak in minutes is not possible using software methods. No successful jailbreak tool for iOS 5 bb 4.10.01 jailbreak for iPhone 4S is available as yet. The jailbreaking community is working hard on jailbreaking iOS 5 and later. Until now, only tethered jailbreak is available for iOS 5 and the Dev teams are working on providing untethered jailbreak. After successfully launching untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, the teams will start working on jailbreaking iPhone 4S and until then, you simply have to wait for software jailbreak. Network unlock iPhone 4 without jailbreak is available, but how good it works with iPhone 4S is a concern.

Activating iPhone 4S without SIM

Usually, iPhones must be activated using SIM cards provided by service provider contracts, but methods are available for activating iPhone 4S without SIM. This certainly gives us hope that some unlocking method will soon become available. After activating iPhone 4S without SIM, you will be able to use the iPhone as an iPod. However, you won’t be able to download or use new apps without the SIM card.

Is It Possible To Unlock iPhone 4S?

The ultimate question of is it possible to unlock iPhone 4S still remains technically unanswered. The GEVEY SIM unlock doesn’t work with iPhone 4S, but it works with iPhone 4 including iOS 5. Even though some users claim that GEVEY SIM doesn’t work with iOS 5, it is the best shot they have. The companies selling unlocking code are making iPhone 4S unlock possible, but you have to make the right choice before spending on your money. Anyone interested in learning how to unlock iPhone devices should pay a visit today.